Sunday, April 02, 2017 Christopher Tims, You are the Stargate

Sunday, April 02, 2017 Christopher Tims. You are the Stargate. Quantum Reality meets science fiction. Could it be? That perhaps without any real conscious awareness, each of us is traveling continuously and seamlessly through endless possibilities and probable realities? People think of Christopher Tims in many different ways: as a Teacher, Healer, and Renegade Mystic. He considers himself a reminder of “The Oneness that you are,” and simply a friend walking beside you discovering sights along the way. He founded the Order of the Blue Star in 1988 and has been sharing the Eternal Teachings since that time. He also founded and facilitates the Blue Star Mystery School that reaches worldwide.”The message is the messenger” authentically and without compromise. The Teachings are a timeless way of life. “They have come through many teachers, they express through me as the Eternal Teachings. The Oneness that you are.”